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OK, fair cop guv, that's me. So why do I need to work with you?

Well, picture this....

  • you churn out highly clickable blogs, posts or emails in a fraction of the time which attract your ideal clients, on repeat  
  • you get your videos DONE without editing them within an inch of their lives, finally launching your course and helping hundreds more people
  • you look forward to going Live on social media, because you're so excited to share your offer with your eager audience
  • you post photos of your face all over the interweb and don't bat an eyelid, even the trolls can go DO ONE
  • you're being invited to go on podcasts, or even create your own, to interview celebrity guests - without begging them or spending $$$$s on their Mastermind course

And what if:

  • talking about your prices doesn't give you the heebie jeebies
  • you attract the perfect clients who actually do the work and get great results
  • you have a focussed plan for the next 3 months to get you out of corporate and on the way to earning a solid wage
  • you don't have to do it all on your own.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Well, this is what I can help you achieve. 

How it works

Unlike other group coaching programs, you won't get lost in a sea of other students. You'll have my 1:1 undivided attention, where you can talk about you and your business.

Using my unique system, a blend of coaching, mentoring and project management techniques, we'll work together over 12 weeks to focus on following 3 areas:  

  1.   Your specific goal - so you're absolutely clear on what you want to achieve
  2.   A streamlined strategy - so you're not trying to do everything, with zero time to do it in
  3.   Your mindset - so you totally believe it's possible for you to do

and then bring it together to:

  • make a focussed 60-day plan and
  • actually do the things in the plan!

No more floundering with all of the know-how but none of the follow-through!

I'll be with you, every step of the way.

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What's included?

Private Coaching

1 x 60min Goal Setting session on Zoom

9 x 45min coaching sessions on Zoom, over 12 weeks


twice weekly check-ins & unlimited weekday support with me via messenger



Access to private Facebook community




How much does it cost?

Pay in Full (and save $200): USD$1,795

Pay in 3 installments: USD$665 per month, for 3 months (total USD$1,995)

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We’ll discuss your business situation and where you want to get to, and assess if I’m the right fit to be your coach. If I’m not, I’ll refer you to someone who might be better suited to you.

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So why should you learn from me?

You might think that as a multi-million $ project manager of 20 years, multiple business owner and award winning comedy pole artist (that's another story), I'm some kind of type-A wonder woman.

But, I have a confession to make.

I'm inherently lazy.

Unless I'm in 'the zone'. Them I'm unstoppable.

I don't believe in making things complicated. Or taking the longest route to get there.

I also don't believe in being perfect (be honest, who likes perfect people anyway??)

I don't believe we need to do, or be, everything for everyone, all of the time.

And I definitely don't believe that in order to have success in your life, you need to act like a power-hungry, angry straight white dude, to get it.

I DO believe we can give ourselves permission:

  • to choose success
  • to keep it simple
  • to make it FUN

and to bring love and laughter to those around you, whilst you do it.


Let's do this together!

I only take 3 clients per month for this package. Contact me below to join the waitlist and I'll let you know when a space becomes free!

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