Hey there! I'm Lisa Twohig

(pronounced 2 - ig. It's Irish. I married into a lifetime of spelling my name.)

I'm a Confidence coach and mentor for women in business.

I've an online business selling sparkly dance costumes, 20 years of herding cats (project management), and award winning performances on stage, under my belt.

Originally from the sunny shores of Brighton in the UK, I'm now living in even sunnier Brisbane, Australia with my 2 energetic teenage boys, husband, super fluffy cat, and a wild possum called Gary.

My mission is to help women of a *cough cough* certain age, become the fabulous, foxy and financially free ladies they are ready to be.

With the all-encompassing era of child-rearing now behind us, it's our time

Our time to step away from the constraints of corporate.

Our time to fully embrace ALL aspects of our soul and spirit.

Our time to finally create freedom and space and time for ourselves and our loved ones.

And our time to show our teenagers that mum can do Epic Sh*t.

Come and do it with me.

I'm IN!